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As the fall rounds the corner, lists of school books begin to pile up. Whether you’re a student or you’re just interested in Biblical studies and need a high quality reference book, you won’t want to miss out on Carta Jerusalem’s helpful selection of atlases and informative books.

I talked to one of my coworkers and these are his thoughts on his favorite Carta reference book:

“Students have to be wise about building their libraries for future research work and/or pastoral ministry. With this being said, Carta’s New Century Handbook and Atlas of the Bible is one of my favorite reference books. There is no other book that matches up; The New Century Handbook gives you so much information, is beautifully presented in full color, and is winsomely written by world class scholars Anson Rainey and Steven Notley. This is a book that students will come back to again and again, during their studies and beyond. In my opinion, you could continue to consult this book for as long as you study the Bible. You will not be disappointed.”
-Bobby K., Academic and Trade Sales


Go to to learn more and to purchase.

Description of The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Altas of the Biblical World:

“Documenting over 3,000 years of East Mediterranean history, this detailed volume is an up-to-date depiction of Biblical history and geography by way of the ancient sources with original texts and translations from native languages incorporated into the narrative of the Atlas.

This is the first Atlas to adopt the modern approach to the study of the Levant as a geographical/historical entity. Emphasis throughout the current work is on the ancient written sources – every ancient passage is interpreted firsthand, from its native language. Archaeological evidence has been taken into account whenever it is relevant.

The logical geographical unit the “Levant” in spite of its lack of homogeneity in some physical and ecological respects is a land bridge that saw the influx of many races and ethnic groups. The chronological scope of this volume includes peoples of the third millennium BCE down to the Greeks, the Itureans and the Nabateans in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

New Testament geography, especially that of the Gospels, is interpreted in light of new understanding resulting from discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Refreshing insights serve to define geographical terms used in the New Testament.”

Description of The Carta Bible Atlas, Fifth Edition:

“The Carta Bible Atlas prides itself on detailed graphic presentation and brief texts of the historical events spanning the biblical period and beyond. Founded on the Scriptures, and aided by scholarly research, newly discovered documentary evidence and archaeological finds the authors have been enabled to bring a fresh understanding of biblical history and geography.

This fifth revised and updated edition of the Carta Bible Atlas has been enriched by the addition of 40 new maps. Anson E. Rainey added maps and discussion on contemporary subjects surrounding the biblical narrative and R. Steven Notley further enhanced this volume by extending its historical reach to include the map of Palestine at the end of the third century as recorded by Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea.”

Description of Carta’s New Century Handbook and Atlas of the Bible:

“Travel back to the ancient world and see through the eyes of the Israelites and Judeans with this concise combination of Carta’s New Century Handbook and The Sacred Bridge. With its regional focus on the Levant, it connects historical roots to current events; depicts biblical history using ancient sources; and provides geographical perspectives of familiar accounts.”

For a larger selection of Carta books and descriptions, click this link:

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