Review: The Complete Jewish Study Bible

29844595The number of Study Bibles available on the market today is breathtaking. There seems to be a Study Bible themed for almost any occasion or reason one could imagine. In recent years, several major Study Bible projects surfaced and released with mixed reception. One of the latest additions to this Study Bible market, and one that promises a wealth of useful insight into the Scriptures is the newly published The Complete Jewish Study Bible (CJSB).

The CJSB is a unique Study Bible experience that seeks to submerge the reader into the Jewishness of both Testaments through fresh and relevant study notes and articles selected to accomplish this mission. The CJSB is based on the widely used Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) by David A. Stern. Those familiar with the CJB will know what to expect. Stern has translated the Bible with a particular sensitivity to the Jewish tradition and thus has…

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5 thoughts on “Review: The Complete Jewish Study Bible

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