Reformation Day

Prepare for Reformation Day with these incredible resources on the Reformation by Hendrickson Publishers and Rose Publishing! 

Learn new information about Reformation Day and Martin Luther, and be transported back into the past with our bestselling historical Bibles. These Bibles are the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn more about Reformation Day—witness Christian history as you read the texts that had a major impact on the Reformation.

What happened on Reformation Day? And when was it? 

On Reformation Day (October 31, 1517), Martin Luther nailed his revolutionary 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Castle church door.

What was this document, exactly? It was a list of propositions and questions for debate, centered around the idea that the only way to reach salvation is by divine grace and through faith.

This document outlined Luther’s stance against the church’s selling of indulgences, and outlined his belief that it is not deeds that lead to salvation, but faith. 

Reformation Time Line Pamphlet
The Reformation What you Need to Know and Why
The Reformation Then and Now
The Reformation DVD Bible Study

Who was Luther? And what was his role in Reformation Day?

Martin Luther was a German monk and theologian best known for his 95 Theses, a document that launched the Reformation. 

Luther spoke out against the church’s selling of indulgences, and advocated for the idea that it is faith, not deeds, that allows people to reach salvation. Because Luther went against the church, his writings were condemned by the pope, but despite this, he held onto his beliefs and refused to recant. 

Luther also insisted that the Bible should be translated and made accessible to everyone, an idea that was revolutionary at the time. 

Luther Bible Large Print
Lutherbibel 1534
Die Bibel
Biblia Germanica Leseprobe

Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther
Sermons for the Sunday after Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany
Sermons for Advent and Christmas Day
Sermons for Lent and Easter
The Bondage of the Will

What are the historic Bibles? 

Hold Christian history in your hands with these exact copies of the first Bibles translated into English. Each one had a monumental impact, especially on the Protestant Reformation, by making the Bible accessible to the “common” person.

These Bibles feature extensive margin notes, maps, and illustrations that are all exact copies of originals! Use these Bibles as your main translation, next to another version, or display them as collectible keepsakes!

Unwrap a piece of history as you experience exact replicas of key Bibles throughout Christian history. 

Matthew’s Bible 1537 Edition
The Geneva Bible 1560 Edition
KJV Bible: 1611 Edition
KJV Bible: 1611 Edition
The Tyndale New Testament 1526 Edition

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