Review: The Sacred Bridge

The Sacred Bridge has completely altered the way that I study the Bible. The amount of information that is crammed between the covers of this book is nothing short of astounding. It contains a lifetime worth of knowledge and insight into virtually every geographical, historiographical, and sociological corner of the biblical world.”

John Kight takes a look at Carta Jerusalem’s atlas The Sacred Bridge! Check out his review below.

28044788The Sacred Bridge has been recognized by many as the gold standard atlas of the biblical world. I’ve heard about this resource for several years and had received numerous requests to review the title on my blog, but didn’t see much value in spending $120 on an Atlas. I mean, any good Study Bible is littered with similar information, right? Wrong. It wasn’t until I actually held The Sacred Bridge in my hands and began to interact with its content that I became a believer, and now, I’m not sure that I would ever want to study the Bible without it.

The Sacred Bridge is much more than a typical atlas. It is a wellspring of scholarly research, geographical insight, and archeological consideration, pulled together with diagrams, beautiful full-color maps, and illustrative pictures. The atlas covers the entirety of biblical history through 135 CE and is the first resource of…

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A Carta Jerusalem Hidden Gem You Need to Know About

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Carta Jerusalem

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