Putting Art (Back) In Its Place… A Book in Review

Read John Mark Miller’s (Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, Dallas Baptist University) review of Putting Art (Back) in Its Place!

For more information about Putting Art (Back) in Its Place, feel free to read this Q&A with the author John Skillenread this article that Skillen wrote for the Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) quarterly magazine SEEN, or visit our website!

The Artistic Christian

“A visually-oriented culture needs a visually-oriented church if it is to evangelize effectively and to give the congregation a culturally up-to-date experience.” – John E. Skillen

From the beginning, great art has always been inspired by religion and religious ceremonies have been greatly enhanced through worshipful art.  It is a relationship which simply makes sense, since taking the gifts God has given us and offering them back to Him is the very definition of worship.  Strangely enough, however, we have begun to fall away from this union in recent years.  Now, there are those who fear allowing quality art back into the church, fretting that this may draw attention away from God.

In his book, Putting Art (Back) In Its Place, John E. Skillen examines the historical relationship between art and worship and makes a solid case for bringing art and the church together once more.  As a specialist…

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3 thoughts on “Putting Art (Back) In Its Place… A Book in Review

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