About Green Dolphin Street‘s Whimsical Cover

In this special series, we are releasing the cover designers’ exclusive musings on their creations. In hearing their thoughts, we hope the depth and creativity behind the covers bursts forth, bringing a new light to the face of Hendrickson’s books.

Green Dolphin Street

Written by Maria Poulopoulos, the cover designer of Green Dolphin Street:

Elizabeth Goudge’s novel, Green Dolphin Street, is an inspiring novel of love, coming of age, and exploration. New Zealand is the setting of character growth and adventure for the two main characters William and Marianne. The two characters began their life together there, growing and learning the land together. The setting of the book truly inspired my cover design, which is a photo showing a scenic road in the beautiful mountains of New Zealand. What inspired me to hand letter the title was my desire for a more unique look representing the imperfections of life and humanity as Marianne and William discover and conquer. The texture of the hand-lettering also compliments the textures of the mountains. Usually I prefer to design simple covers that leave room for interpretation and don’t give away too much about the characters. So for Green Dolphin Street I let the cover be fairly simple with a hint of symbolism. To me, the road represents the long, grand journey that Marianne and William face while living with one another in this new land. In order to make Elizabeth Goudge’s name really pop, I kept it prominent on top in a lighter color.

For more information about this beautiful cover and inspiring novel, check out this video, this blog post, these reviews of Elizabeth Goudge, and our website.

More photos of this whimsical and relaxing cover:

Green Dolphin StreetGreen Dolphin Street Green Dolphin Street

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