About Green Dolphin Street‘s Whimsical Cover

In this special series, we are releasing the cover designers’ exclusive musings on their creations. In hearing their thoughts, we hope the depth and creativity behind the covers bursts forth, bringing a new light to the face of Hendrickson’s books. Written by Maria Poulopoulos, the cover designer of Green Dolphin Street: Elizabeth Goudge’s novel, Green … Continue reading About Green Dolphin Street‘s Whimsical Cover

Happy Elizabeth Goudge Day!

Though her life may have been modest and quiet, Elizabeth Goudge’s writings are far from that. In boldness, hope, and vividness her novels paint pictures of normal people who struggle with conflicts that we too battle on a daily basis. Goudge’s flowing writing and wise insights spattered throughout her books are like gold nuggets for her … Continue reading Happy Elizabeth Goudge Day!

Our Own Country

By Maggie Swofford, Marketing & Editorial Assistant “What’s your home like, Marguerite?” asked William. “I can’t describe it exactly,” said Marguerite. “But when I am living in a particular sort of way I say to myself that now I am in my own country. It is when I am living very simply, and rather hardly, … Continue reading Our Own Country

Green Dolphin Street Exclusive Video

Beloved author Elizabeth Goudge discusses Green Dolphin Street, her newest book, scheduled to come out August 1, 2015. Vivid, exciting tales—earthquakes, shipwreck, encounters between New Zealand settlers and the indigenous Maori people—are paired with fascinating details of 19th-century life, from sailing ships and steamboats to women’s fashions and the natural beauty of the British seacoast and … Continue reading Green Dolphin Street Exclusive Video