Why Catching Ricebirds‘ Cover Is so Bold

In this special series, we are releasing the cover designers’ exclusive musings on their creations. In hearing their thoughts, we hope the depth and creativity behind the covers bursts forth, bringing a new light to the face of Hendrickson’s books.

Catching Ricebirds Reflecting the Eternal Surface TensionsWritten by Karol Bailey, the cover designer of Catching Ricebirds:

The message contained in this powerful autobiography required a sensitive touch. Catching Ricebirds’ cover design evolved from the initial idea of showing a split-screen image of the author containing AK-47s and the destruction of war contrasted with the journey of peace and reconciliation that he has experienced through forgiveness and God’s redemptive power. The end result refines this transformation by showing the emergence of the author from a dark-filled space to light with a resolute expression on his face. The angle of the camera below the author’s chin and the position of the image on the page contribute to the suggestion of his strength through Christ.

A bright yellow village weaver is used on the spine and the yellow color is repeated in the title. This bird played a role in the childhood memories of the author and in the book as a metaphor for the continued healing of the people of Liberia.

If you’d like more information about this powerful memoir, check out this video interview of the author, Marcus Doe, as well as this written interview. A full description of the book is located on either of those pages as well as our website.

Here are some more photos of this contrasting and eye-catching cover:

Catching Ricebirds Catching Ricebirds Catching Ricebirds Catching Ricebirds Catching Ricebirds

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