Review: Herman Bavinck: Reformed Pastor

Dylan Price

Herman Bavinck, perhaps most notably known for Reformed Dogmatics, is one of the worlds most well-known Reformed pastors and theologians. He is known for his “eloquent” language and writing ability. He is consistently and thoroughly Reformed (Calvinistic sense) and is appreciated by many for his Reformed thought. However, what he may not be well-known for is his preaching; and further, thoughts on preaching.

Herman Bavinck: On Preaching and Preachers provides a window for students and teachers of preaching, and preachers, through which to look into a lesser-known aspect of this great theologian. This little volume (literally!) is broken down in the following way:

  1. Introduction
  2. Eloquence: This is the lecture given to university theology students which, in essence, discusses the power of language in the preacher’s tongue:
    • By speaking he [God] creates all things…But what is this in majesty compared to he exalted words of the Scriptures: he speaks and it…

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