Expressive Silence before the Lord

On Good Friday, it is natural to find ourselves short for words while we take the time to dwell on Christ’s horrific death and incredible sacrifice for us. With this in mind, venture into the world of wordless prayer with this excerpt and reflection upon Charles Spurgeon’s Sermons on Great Prayers of the Bible.

Hendrickson Publishers Blog

By Maggie Swofford, Marketing Assistant

Excerpt from and personal reflection on Sermons on Great Prayers of the Bible by Charles H. Spurgeon

9781619707030“For real business at the mercy seat, give me a homemade prayer, a prayer that comes out of the deeps of my heart, not because I invented it, but because God the Holy Spirit put it there, and gave it such a living force that I could not help letting it come out. Though your words are broken, and your sentences are disconnected; if your desires are earnest, if they are like coals of juniper, burning with a vehement flame, God will not mind how they find expression. If you have no words, perhaps you will pray better without them. There are prayers that break the backs of words; they are too heavy for any human language to carry.”
Sermons on Great Prayers of the Bible, Charles…

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