Review: The Paradox of Holiness and Faith in Search of Obedience

41cgii7v3xlThere is something exciting, and even motivating about engaging with a previously unpublished work by the late evangelical theologian Donald G. Bloesch. Those familiar with Bloesch’s work will most assuredly share these feelings. Bloesch was a professor of theology at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary for nearly forty years. Bloesch is a well-known author who has published widely within the scholarly community, including the seven-volume Christian Foundations series and the two-volume Essentials of Evangelical Theology.

The Paradox of Holiness and Faith in Search of Obedience takes two previously unpublished books from Bloesch’s pen and sandwiches them between a single, stamped hardcover, and both are classic Bloesch.

The Paradox of Holiness is a brief book of devotional theology that Bloesch intended to cultivate a theology of spiritual life through the shaping and definition of the Word of God. The chapters are generally a few pages in length and cover…

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