We Choose Life: A Bright Cover for a Life-Changing Book

In this special series, we are releasing the cover designers’ exclusive musings on their creations. In hearing their thoughts, we hope the depth and creativity behind the covers bursts forth, bringing a new light to the face of Hendrickson’s books.

We Choose Life

Written by Karol Bailey, the cover designer of We Choose Life:

Instead of focusing on the terrible tragedy of abortion the cover, We Choose Life reaches out to the target audience by featuring the positive result of choosing life. Bright colors, the movement and expression of the young boy, and the Gioviale typeface support this directive. Point-of-view perspective is used to engage the reader, drawing them into these authentic stories.

For more information about this hopeful, life-giving book, visit our website.

More photos of this warm cover:

We Choose Life We Choose Life We Choose Life We Choose Life We Choose Life

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