God’s co-workers?


Although work is the dominant activity of our everyday lives, our Monday-Friday work and Sunday worship can sometimes feel disconnected, even worlds apart. Too many Christians feel that their spiritual life doesn’t relate to their work life–or that somehow they’re not serving God unless they’re in full-time ministry. But we need to realize that all of us can serve God in whatever work he calls us. God is just as present with us on the job Monday morning, and every day is a new opportunity to serve him.

This is a short excerpt from Where’s God on Monday? written by Alistair Mackenzie & Wayne Kirkland. The book was released in Fall 2015.

“But our involvement in work is not simply for our own benefit. God has a job for us – he wants our help in achieving his purposes. His intention is for us to become his co-workers. God gave Adam and Eve the mandate to share in his work […] Having been ‘made in God’s image,’ we are called to be God’s representatives. We are God’s hands and feet, working in partnership with him in his world” (15).

9781619707078Where’s God on Monday introduces readers to a basic theology of work. Written in fourteen engaging chapters, this book teaches us what the Bible says about work and how to work out our faith every day of the week. Each chapter includes questions and exercises for small group or individual reflection, blending theological reflection with practical application.

If you’d like more information about this book, visit our website or this blog series written by Wayne Kirkland (posts: Are You Engaged—In Your Work?; Idle, Idol, or Worship; Are You Doing Spiritual Work?; Sabbaticals Can Be for Everyone; and Are You Working?).

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