What Rosh-HaShanah Can Teach Christians about God’s Changelessness

By Tirzah Frank, Assistant Editor I work as an assistant editor at Hendrickson Publishers, which means that I help with books in a variety of stages (and indeed worked on The Complete Jewish Study Bible), but I don’t often get to spend time looking at our finished products. So it was with excitement that I … Continue reading What Rosh-HaShanah Can Teach Christians about God’s Changelessness

Video Interview with Marcus Doe

This remarkable autobiography is a journey from terror, violence, and despair into freedom, peace, and joy. Catching Ricebirds: A Story of Letting Vengeance Go is Marcus Doe's true story as a Liberian refugee who lost his family and fled his country, and ultimately learns to forgive and find peace again.   In this gripping autobiography, … Continue reading Video Interview with Marcus Doe

The Glory of the Cross – Resurrection

In the spirit of the Easter holiday, we have been sharing quotes from our new release The Glory of the Cross by James Philip that reflect on the major stages of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Visit our previous posts—The Last Supper & Gethsemane, Reflections for Good Friday, and In the Tomb—for sneak peeks into this … Continue reading The Glory of the Cross – Resurrection

Our Own Country

By Maggie Swofford, Marketing & Editorial Assistant “What’s your home like, Marguerite?” asked William. “I can’t describe it exactly,” said Marguerite. “But when I am living in a particular sort of way I say to myself that now I am in my own country. It is when I am living very simply, and rather hardly, … Continue reading Our Own Country