The Accidental Executive Cover Design: Explained

In this special series, we are releasing the cover designers’ exclusive musings on their creations. In hearing their thoughts, we hope the depth and creativity behind the covers bursts forth, bringing a new light to the face of Hendrickson’s books. Written by Karol Bailey, the cover designer of The Accidental Executive: The Accidental Executive contains business … Continue reading The Accidental Executive Cover Design: Explained

10 Questions with Albert Erisman

Hendrickson Publishers asked Al Erisman, author of The Accidental Executive, some questions about his new book . . . What is your advice for readers just beginning your book? If you are not familiar with the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50), read it.  If you are,  I encourage you to do two things.  First, think … Continue reading 10 Questions with Albert Erisman