BOOK REVIEW: Faith Across the Multiverse by Andy Walsh


Andy Walsh is hands-down the best and most fascinating polymath I’ve read since Aristotle. Yes, that is a huge compliment to give anybody, but once you’ve read Faith Across the Multiverse (published by Hendrickson Publishers), you will understand why I say that.

Author Thomas Jay Oord describes the book as a ‘category breaker’, and I think there is no better way to describe it. Combining insights from mathematics, physics, biology, and computer science with illustrations from pop culture (including films, TV shows, comic books, and novels), Dr. Walsh presents deep theological truths in a manner that is both intellectually stimulating yet comprehensible for the layperson. He writes with wit and humour, yet displaying an incredible amount of reverence and understanding towards the heavy topics that he attempts to engage with. The result is a well-written and informative book that leaves you in awe of the amount of knowledge and wisdom that…

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